7 Best Apps to make fishing an enjoyable experience (fishing apps)

Smartphones have completely changed the way fishing was done. You can learn different techniques (be it advance or the basic ones), can connect to different anglers near you and with most of the latest smartphones being waterproof these days, you now have no reason why you shouldn’t use your smartphones for making fishing an enjoyable experience. Here’s a list of 7 applications that will make your fishing experience better:-

  1. Animated Fishing Knots

This is a must have app if you’re someone who wants to learn new fishing knots or even someone who do not remember knots properly. This app has animated tutorials for more than 60 popular knots. The tutorials consist of images with detailed text explanations which will help you learn the knot from attaching a hook to tying a loop.

  1. Pro Angler

This is a one step solution where you can view the report of the location where you’re about to fish, proper guides by experienced anglers, detailed information about tons of fishes and what not. This app also helps you in finding a bait shop near your location. This app provides a proper GPS map with marine forecast which will help you decide which place is suitable for fishing and which isn’t.

  1. FishBrain

FishBrain is a social media application for all the fishermen where you can upload your catches, give it a description, post your reports and share your fishing experience and knowledge with the community. You can create friends that are anglers like you and compete with them as well.

  1. IGFA Mobile

This application is preferred if you’re an experienced angler and want to compete with other well known anglers in the world. If you think you’re one of the best anglers in the world, try and beat the angling world records that you can view in this app. Also, this app lets you plan your fishing trips and keep a track of all your fishing records.

  1. Fishing Calender

With this application, you can know the best fishing time and day for a location. So you won’t need to waste your whole day sitting and waiting for fishes to be caught, you can just check the best time for fishing on this app and save lots of time.

  1. Knot Guide

This is one of the best fishing guides in the market where you can learn to tie tons of knots and techniques. So if you’re a beginner and don’t even know a single knot, you can download this app and learn more than 103 knots from the very basics.

  1. Fish Rules

As the name suggests, this app provides you the rules and regulations of different fishing locations. Regulations are different for every location and so if you want to save yourself from getting into any problems, read the regulations on this app before fishing. You can either set the location to manual where the app will select your location based on GPS or else you can select the location manually.