How To Make Video Editing Effortless? 2017 Coolest Tips For Sony Vegas

Recording and editing a video is not an easy task in the least. It requires effort and perseverance. There is a surprising amount of hit and trial that goes into the editing regimes of many amateurs, but it takes up a lot of time. Making things effortless requires you to be smart in your recording, editing and fine-tuning stages. Learning the tricks we mention below will help you in that direction.

To be clear, we are not saying these tricks will make your videos sublime or let you blaze through the editing process. But they’ll certainly cut down a lot of wastage of time and effort that often results from an unfocused approach to things. sony vegas pro 13 free is a pretty efficient and feature-rich program to use for video editing. Here is how you can maximise that functionality effortlessly.

Record with claps and plaques


This is a very amateur thing to the minds on many, but you’ll be surprised how many people record their videos without a clap, even when the recording runs over 30 minutes! A clapper or plaque can be much of use. It can separate parts of the clip you as a director want to save from the rest of the long video that contains bad takes and errors. The clapper is not mere ritual. The sound of the clap registers on the audio as well, and you can use those cues to split your video clip without having to go through the entire long recording manually. Plaques can also serve as a label you can use to tally the position of the clip with the storyboard you arrived at, and they can be edited out in the fine-tuning process.

Put in editor notes

Editor notes are things you say in the audio or even in the video (like if you’re recording your own video) about how you’d like things to proceed in the editing. Too often, you have a brainwave while shooting a scene but you forget your great idea by the time you take the clip to the editor. An editor’s note can be recorded on a tape machine that you speak into. If you’re recording and editing yourself, you can be as expressive as you want (after all, the notes are coming out in the final version). Want examples? “Cue Music” tells you where you want music to start rolling in in the editing. “Cut-scene” can be used to bring in a different picture or video to the foreground, or have a flashback scene play. You can make your own!

Editor notes can save your time to a great deal. You don’t have to look at the storyboard over and over for information and ideas.

Rearrange your toolbars and options

This one’s really simple. Like all Windows programs, Sony Vegas is pretty customisable. Enable toolbars you use, remove buttons you don’t have use for. For example, editing videos for YouTube will need you to use Picture-in-Picture quite a lot. But if you’re making a serious documentary, it might not really be that useful. Replace it with some other option through the customisation features. It’ll save you a ton of time and effort to have to go to the more useful options over and over through the menu bars.

Play Videos without Lag

I’ve struggled with my PC when the clip I’m editing is very long. It doesn’t matter what your PC’s specifications are, long clips can take a while to process and play. So getting previews can be tough. Well, that can be sorted with a simple trick. Mind you this only works for short clips. The longer you make it, the more the chances of the method failing. But for most videos, a few seconds worth of preview is helpful enough.

To get a specific segment of the clip to play without lag, highlight it. Once the area is selected, press Shift+B. You will need to wait a few seconds, and the video will be ready to play lag free. It’s a nifty hack for when you want Sony Vegas to give you a quick idea about how your video is going to look if rendered in the current form.

Speed up or Slow down your video Quick

Getting video clips to fit properly is easy. Getting them to stay a proper speed is not. OR at least that’s how it is in most other video editors. Not in Sony Vegas. You’ve probably already used the Control key while dragging a video clip to fit it to your background score. It might be unnoticeable in shorter clips, but this can actually slow down or speed up the video. Who’s to say you cannot do it without an audio score demanding it?

Use the Control key while dragging the video clip longer and watch it slow down. Drag it short and the video will speed up.

If you’re trying to make the video sound squeaky like a chipmunk or deeper like a drunk Darth Vader, you can do that via pitch control. It’s an actual option. No tricks needed there.

Learn new techniques from the internet

Learn, Learn, Learn! There is no shortcut to becoming a great video editor. Sony Vegas is strong as an elephant when it comes to making great videos. It’d be a shame to use it merely to make slideshows. Use your access to the software to make amazing videos and enhance your skill everyday. The internet can be your best friend in this regard.

Tell us any more awesome Sony Vegas Tricks you know in the comments below. As for instructions on how to get the software, there are a few guides you can find on the internet. Sony Vegas is a paid software. Do not fall into the crack file trap. There aren’t any, and the software reaps dividends rich enough to pay the bill easily.