How to use kik on iPhone & Android?

It’s the 21st century, everyone out there got a smartphone. No doubt iOs and Android are the two leading operating systems of this era.

And talking about smartphones and 21st century, who can ignore the social networks? And the various messaging apps out there? So yeah I just combined them both and thought of writing a piece on How to Use Kik Messenger App for iPhone & Android.

So, if I’m writing about How to Use Kik Messenger App for iPhone & Android, how about we start from the baby steps?

login kik online

In order to use Kik Online, you need to have Kik, and in order to have Kik, you need to Download Kik, right? So here are the download links of Kik for you for both iOs and Android.

So yeah once you get them, let’s move towards how to use them, right?

Well so let’s start with the Chat. Just tap on the username you want to talk to, and a screen with a text-box would pop up. This is where you type your message in.

To spice things up, Kik is also armed with a lot of beautiful graphical emojis and stickers for you!

Oh, noticed that + button on the screen? That let’s you do a lot of stuff! Taking a picture, uploading a picture from gallery, creating memes to name just a few!

Swipe Left, and you’ll have an In-app browser! Meaning, you won’t have to leave Kik, and you would still be able to browse across your favorite sites! That’s kind of useful when you’re having a really interesting convo and you just don’t want to leave it no matter what.

There’s that Top Sites button you might have seen, right? What this button does is, it let’s you Play games with your friends for free!

You tap that button, and on the next screen you get a lot of games you might be interested in. Just tap on them to start playing!

Oh, Need to add someone? Just tap the “chat” icon, which also is called the “talk to” icon and then you can search for your friends’ usernames and get connected! Simple isn’t it?

So yeah Folks that was about the basics of How to Use Kik Messenger App for iPhone & Android, well no matter which OS you are using, the functionalities and features are the same.

So the stuff I talked about earlier? Feel free to implement it on your device, regardless of the OS.