ShowBox Vs Terrarium TV Comparison

Streaming or downloading movies or tv shows on our smartphones is an exceptional quality of applications that we are using right now. It has been so easy to download movies for free and watch them as per our convenience. There are many applications in the virtual market that are taking people by storm. They not only entertain you with latest videos, movies and tv shows, but provide you with a never ending list of movies from old classic times.

Whenever we think of an entertainment application we tend to get confused due to the availability of hundreds of app. Today, we are here to compare two movie streaming applications that are making people fall in love with them. This will help you take your pick.

ShowBox application

showbox app

ShowBox is a pioneer app in the digital world. It has been serving people with unlimited movie and latest TV shows. It is almost impossible to beat this app in its attractive user interface and movie print quality. It is compatible with almost all the platforms; Android, Windows, iOS, BlackBerry. Let’s discuss its pros and cons :-


  • Gives you a never ending movie list with a collection of latest and old classic movies
  • Allows users to watch HD quality movies and videos
  • It is totally free. There is no in app purchase (IAP)
  • All the latest tv shows with every episode.
  • Gives a lightening fast download speed on a good internet connection
  • Easy to understand user interface.
  • A pioneer in this field, it provides amazing entertainment service and trustworthy video links.
  • Lets you watch movies of different languages with suitable subtitles.


  • Practically, uses a lot of your internet allowance over cellular data.
  • Movies and TV shows really eat up your phone’s memory.
  • It slows the speed of your phone
  • Sometimes it may crash due to busy networks.
  • Need to update every time the team launches a new version

Terrarium Tv

Terrarium TV

Terrarium is a newly released application that is trying to establish itself amongst its competitors. Comparing Terrarium with pioneer applications like CInemaBox or ShowBox would be a little difficult. Technically, it is still struggling get the basic features of an entertainment application to its user database. But to give a clear understand of both the application, let’s discuss its pros and cons:-


  • Provides a wide variety of content that is commendable for a newly launched application.
  • Allows you to watch movies of genres like Action, comedy, romance, horror, sci fi, fantasy, animation etc.
  • Casting movies on television via ChromeCast is very simple with terrarium
  • Bookmark your favorite movies with a click.
  • Free movie streaming with no in app purchase (IAP).
  • In built web browser get you trustable video links.
  • Available for Android and Windows.


  • Sometimes the subtitles cannot be synced with video running on your device
  • Right now it is not streaming movies for interested users as it is facing some internal technical issues.
  • Uses a lot of memory of your device.
  • Terrarium provides you with low downloading speed overall.
  • Few basic features are missing in the app like creating a list of favorites or downloading multiple movies side by side.
  • Simple user interface, does not attract your eye.


It is clear with the comparison above that ShowBox being a pioneer entertainment app has won over Terrarium movie streaming application. ShowBox for sure provides you with better features and good quality movies. That is all we expect from these apps. We hope we could give a clear understanding about both the apps. Now you can take your pick! from its official website.